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Re: data and software licence incompatabilities?

Ben Finney dijo [Mon, Sep 02, 2013 at 08:56:59AM +1000]:
> > Really, by now the regulars here all know what you think about various
> > licenses and, frankly, we don't care to hear about it any more.
> Is this forum only for the regulars, then? Much of the value would, IMO,
> be for newcomers raising an issue here even if regulars have gone over
> it many times.
> I think making it clear to newcomers that there is not consensus about
> the DFSG-free status of some set of licenses, in the context of a query
> about exactly that, is relevant each time.

But when an issue becomes such a FAQ (or FRT - Frequently Repeated
Topic), more efficient ways should be found. For example, we could
request the listmasters to add this information as a (short, one-line)
disclaimer to every post to the list, together with the instructions
on how to subscribe / unsubscribe.

Excess repetition makes many of us regulars pay less attention to the
topics. I'll mention this specific example, trying not to make it into
an ad-hominem: Francesco has a *great* license comprehension and
comparison skill, much greater than mine, and I appreciate reading his
messages when I am starting, or have time, or am in a good mood. But I
know there is a very high probability his mails will include a "Well,
but remember I don't think any CC licenses are as good as GPLv2!"

So, Francesco: I will also tune in with Steve's request. I think your
point would be better driven if not constantly repeated. And you would
find this crowd much more likely to accept your ideas.

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