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Re: Nuitka - GPLv3 plus contribution copyright assignment

Hello Ben,

you wrote:

And it should address what MJ said, because that way, new code is
under "ASF2.0" for everybody pretty automatic.

Is that your intent? If so, I don't know why the license is not ASF 2.0
from the start.

I gave my motivation in the original email. In short I don't want to.

On the other hand, if you want everyone to receive the work under GPL
3.0 but *not* have the freedom to re-license, then the above intent
seems contradictory.

It is supposed to work like this: Everybody receives Nuitka from me under GPLv3. And "ASF2.0" for nothing. Then everything created on top of my work becomes GPLv3+ASF2.0 dual license. Then one day, I drop the GPLv3 and it's suddenly "ASF2.0" only.

That way, my only "unfairness" is to not put my work under GPLv3, a
right that I offer everybody else too though.

I am quite confused by this, probably due to the apparent contradiction

Sorry, I corrected that in a separate Email. I meant "ASF2.0" of course. I do not put it under GPLv3 immediately, but only after the "sunrise" phase is over.

That's not "fair", but not in sense that I would be the only one who can do it, everybody can drop the notice that makes derived things "ASF2.0" as well as "GPLv3" and be good. However much sense that would make though.


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