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Re: Nuitka - GPLv3 plus contribution copyright assignment

Hello Tanguy,

     Although you are free to sell this program according to the terms of
     the GPLv3, I would not like that, and this is why I chose this
     license, that should make most attempts of doing so non-viable.
     [or whatever similar text you may want to write]

Since such a statement does not require anything, I think it should not
render your program non-free, just programs suggesting that the user may
thank the author by buying him a beer are free as long as this is a
suggestion and not a requirement.

The interesting part is contribution copyright assignment. I actually do _not_ want Nuitka to have to stay GPLv3 when it's "ready". Then I _definitely_ want it to have another license, with "ASF2.0" being the current front runner.

If i put it as "ASF2.0" too early, it would put me at a risk of loosing the control over the direction.

I was seemingly unclear about my intent: It is _not_ that nobody shall money wise benefit from it. It really is not. Get rich. Sell Nuitka, it's OK for me. I want Nuitka, in this form already, to be included in about every Free Software distribution of the world. And sold too. By others.

I think my setup is pretty safe. Although it is not the question to Debian legal at all. Just to give that idea of mine:

Nuitka won't be an interesting target to fork yet, because one couldn't sell the right to keep the source code compiled secret, so it won't happen. Therefore GPLv3 without exception for the generated code.

And with the copyright assignments, I can - and already do - work with contributors to achieve the goal even faster, while being able to apply the "ASF2.0" to Nuitka later on, so then even more people will join me.

I consider Nuitka to be in a "sunrise" phase. :-)

Kay Hayen

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