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Re: Nuitka - GPLv3 plus contribution copyright assignment

Kay Hayen <kayhayen@gmx.de> writes:

> First my intent: I believe intent matters in copyright. Please do not
> discuss if my intent is good or bad, or if my approach will be
> effective or not for a project.

Please don't attempt to set rules forbidding discussion of your intent
and approach. If it's relevant to the purpose of this forum – and I
suspect it is relevant – we are free to discuss your intent and approach
however we see fit.

> So my intent was to release "Nuitka" as Free Software in compliance with
> the DFSG. My intent was also to make a commercially viable fork of Nuitka
> impossible until at a later time I choose to allow it.

Those are incompatible goals. The work can only meet the DFSG §6 if it
does not discriminate against any field of endeavour; by discriminating
against a “commercial viable fork”, you would discriminate against
commercial activity.

(In case it's not clear, free software is quite commercially viable.
It doesn't seem that you are confusing “commercial” with “proprietary”,
but that bears clarifying anyway.)

So as I understand your goals, you must relinquish at least one of them.

I hope you will relinquish the goal of restricting commercial activity,
and instead pursue the goal of releasing your work under terms
compatible with the DFSG.

> PS: I am fully aware, that advice you give is not lawyer wise, but I will
> still appreciate it if you help me achieve my intent, or make it Debian
> compatible.

As I understand your intent, it is not compatible with Debian. Please
make it Debian compatible by changing your intent.

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