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Re: [Fwd: Re: [gNewSense-users] PFV call for help.]

Michael Below <mbelow@antithese.de> wrote:
> Just wondering: Is there a legal system on earth that would accept a
> disclaimer like "TINLA"?

I think the long list of acronyms may be a sly dig at certain silly
postings in times past which complained that certain people weren't making
it clear enough that they aren't lawyers, debian project leaders, or other
similar qualified people.  I think Francesco Poli was repeatedly targetted
for that and I think it was around the same time that my people.d.o
pages gained the phrase "You might think that's obvious, but ...!"

> [...] A pipe is a pipe, even if you put a sign "This is not
> a pipe" beneath it.

But the one with the sign beneath it really isn't a pipe! ;-)

I hope anyone who hasn't seen The Two Mysteries goes and looks it up.
Magritte was a twisted artist and that is a particularly fine work.

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