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Re: Affero General Public License

<quote who="Glenn Maynard" date="Fri, Feb 10, 2006 at 06:49:12AM -0500">
> > How do you distinguish between an arcade user and someone using a web
> > application? Is it the presence of a network connecting the two?
> I think that's an unnatural distinction.  Both web users and arcade
> players are equally "users"; there are examples in both cases where
> providing source helps and where it doesn't.  (I actually do know of
> arcade operators who have let players mess around with their machines.  :)
> Also, web services aren't the problem, they're just the most common
> (today) example of a class of problems.

The point of the language in the GPL should be to create a generalized
language that can cover combination of code with licenses that close
this class of problems while not being over broad and allowing people
to stomp on other freedoms that we think are essential.

> Narrowing the restriction to web services means it's going to break
> down sooner or later, when a different incarnation of the same
> problem shows up.

There's the possibility that we solve this problems in different ways
for different classes of license. The AGPL might not do that now but
maybe we can make it do that or find another license that does
that. Maybe we have a different GPL compatible license when it comes
to software in arcade games or toll booths?


Benjamin Mako Hill

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