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Re: Affero General Public License

Glenn Maynard wrote:
> But that's a special case; more generally, I don't see any way at all
> of satisfying this for the "voicemail", "toll booth", etc. cases.
> (Though the thought of someone corking up a toll booth lane on a busy
> interstate to plug in a USB pen drive and download its source is
> somewhat amusing ...)

The difficulty here is that in the arcade machine/toll booth case, the
person who (IMO) requires source access to exercise his freedoms is the
machine _owner_ or toll booth operating company, not the player or
tollee. An arcade owner isn't going to allow me to upload hacked
firmware to his machines (sadly :-).

How do you distinguish between an arcade user and someone using a web
application? Is it the presence of a network connecting the two?


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