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Re: PHP License for PHP Group packages

> > Instead I propose that all RC bugs in PHP Group software released with
> > the PHP License be closed.
> > <snip>
> Well, I'm still not happy about the "don't use the PHP name" clause, but we
> seem to be ignoring that clause everywhere else at the moment.  So for
> packages that have the PHP Group as their upstream, I think it's reasonable
> to close the bugs *if* the packages include the new license text in
> debian/copyright; otherwise downgrade the bug to a "please update the
> license text" bug.  Do you have a list of the affected packages?

Here are the current RC bugs opened against PHP Group packages because
they use the PHP License:

   #332606: php-auth
   #332607: php-date
   #332608: php-db
   #332609: php-file
   #332610: php-html-template-it
   #332611: php-http
   #332613: php-mail
   #332614: php-net-checkip
   #332615: php-net-smtp
   #332616: php-net-socket
   #332617: php-services-weather
   #332618: php-xml-parser
   #331418: php4-pear-log (soon to be php-log)


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