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Re: Status of icons in latex2html

On Thu, 27 Jan 2005, Stephen Gran wrote:
> Temporarily, until I here back from either Don or upstream, I have
> made my own icons, 

Heh. Your icons are probably superior to the ones I would have made...

> but I am not sure how to proceed - just a note in the copyright
> file, saying "I made these icons, do what you like with them?"
> Something else?

I'd just indicate that you're releasing the icons with a MIT license
(aka, a do whatever you want license), and/or under the GPL if that's
what your project is released under.

The advantage of the MIT license is that it doesn't conflict with any
licences and is clearly DFSG Free, and the advantage of the GPL being
that you don't have to include a separate license if that's what your
project is already released under.

You can include them in your package currently, avoiding the issue
with the icons in latex2html entirely.

Don Armstrong

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