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License questions


There is some nice code here:


When asked about licensing, the author replied that he doesn't like
licenses and refused to create one.  But:

<pesco> "It's mine, but if you manage to get your hands on it, keep it
for Christ's sake!"
<Heffalump> the key point is that we need documented and irrevocable
consent to use and copy it.
<Heffalump> I believe that "This is in the public domain" is sufficient
for this, but CosmicRay seems to disagree.
<pesco> Oh! Why didn't you say that. Of course you can copy it, feel
<pesco> "This is all mine! Take it and your soul shall be damned
forever. But you can keep it and do with it whatever you want."
<Heffalump> I think that's good enough.
<Heffalump> unless damnation of souls is a violation of the social
contract somehow.

So, what do you all think? :-)

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