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Re: Status of icons in latex2html

On Wed, 26 Jan 2005, Stephen Gran wrote:
> I am packaging clamav, and upstream uses latex2html to generate the
> html documentation for it. The problem is that upstream has not been
> including the icons from latex2html in the distributed tarball,
> breaking links for users who don't happen to have latex2html
> installed (the hyperlinks point to a latex2html install, rather than
> the same directory)

Bleck. Yeah, latex2html license is not DFSG free nor is it GPL
> Do the icons count as 'contains or is a derivative of this
> software'?

Yes, assuming they're actually under this license.

> It might mean yes, but I thought I would solicit suggestions. It
> makes no difference to me - I'll just not ship them if they are
> non-free; it saves the postinstall uudecode step as well :)
> My fear is that if the rest of the license applies, it appears to be
> make it incompatible with the GPL, although I am not sure.

Yes, this is correct.

If this really is an big issue, e-mail me with the sizes of the icons,
what the icons are supposed to represent, and the name of the icons.
[But please, don't send me the icons themselves... I've not looked at
them, and I'd rather not.]

I'll whip out a set of cheesy MIT licensed icons with source that you
can trivially include in your package (or in any other package, for
that matter.)

[If this really is a common situtation, I may just package them

Don Armstrong

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whether submarines can swim."
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