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Status of icons in latex2html

Hello all,

I am packaging clamav, and upstream uses latex2html to generate the html
documentation for it.  The problem is that upstream has not been
including the icons from latex2html in the distributed tarball, breaking
links for users who don't happen to have latex2html installed (the
hyperlinks point to a latex2html install, rather than the same

So, I would like to ship the icons in the .deb, and repoint the links.
My problem is: is this legal?  Here is what I think is the relevant part
of the copyright:

o  Any work distributed or published that in whole or in part
   contains or is a derivative of this software or any part
   thereof is subject to the terms of this agreement. The
   aggregation of another unrelated program with this software
   or its derivative on a volume of storage or distribution
   medium does not bring the other program under the scope
   of these terms.

Do the icons count as 'contains or is a derivative of this software'?
It might mean yes, but I thought I would solicit suggestions.  It makes
no difference to me - I'll just not ship them if they are non-free; it
saves the postinstall uudecode step as well :)

My fear is that if the rest of the license applies, it appears to be
make it incompatible with the GPL, although I am not sure.

Please cc: me on replies, as I am not subscribed.  Reply-To and M-F-T
set accordingly.

Thanks all,
|   ,''`.					     Stephen Gran |
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