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Re: Eclipse 3.0 Running ILLEGALY on Kaffe

Brian Sniffen write:
>Steve McIntyre <steve@einval.com> writes:
>> That's some strong crack you've been smoking Brian; I'd give it a rest
>> for a while. Your interpretation of how applications, libraries and
>> the kernel live together is *special*.
>My interpretation is just the plain wording of GPL 2b: the Debian OS
>is a work, and it is distributed, and it contains many GPL'd programs.
>The only reason the whole thing doesn't have to be distributed under
>the terms of the GPL is the "mere aggregation" exception, which
>doesn't apply to a Java program that can only be in Main because of a

The two have no link until the end user runs the program, and at that
point there's no distribution happening.

Brian, look at what you're saying here - you're beginning to sound
ridiculous now...

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