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Re: GPL on rendered images

Brian Thomas Sniffen said:
> Glenn Maynard <glenn@zewt.org> writes:
>> The issue isn't whether the conversion itself creates a derivative work,
>> though.  The issue is whether the "preferred form for modification" is
>> that C code, now that I've converted it, stuck the Pascal code in cold
>> storage never to be touched again, and made substantial modifications
>> to to C code.  I believe the GPL permits this type of evolution, without
>> requiring the old, useless, outdated Pascal code be dragged along for
>> all
>> time.
> I think you'd agree that just running p2c over pascal code serves as
> an obfuscation, and the resulting C isn't source.  But after you've
> made substantial changes, it probably is the source.

I disagree that you, as a non-copyright holder for my original Pascal
program, can unilaterally declare that distributing obfuscated (i.e.
non-Pascal) works satisfies your responsibilities under the GPL.

For your work, yes, the C code can be source, but for mine, it isn't.


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