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Re: GPL on rendered images

On Sun, 12 Dec 2004, Frank Loeffler wrote:
> If I put an rendered image under GPL, do I have to open the model
> which I used to render it as well?

You have to include the prefered form for modification, which, as I
read it, includes the model file used to render the image as well.

I'd highly suggest doing this even if you don't think that the model
is the prefered form for modification, as it will enable anyone who
later works on the work to apply bug fixes to the model and anything
else that was used to actually create the work. [I know I appreciate
having vector forms of the works that I have to make modifications

> This might affect projects which are completely under GPL, but
> include rendered graphics as well. Such projects are also present in
> Debian AFAIK.

Yes. This is something that most licensors don't really think about
much, so when you run into them, approach upstream gently, and try to
help them understand why they really want to include the actual files
they use to modify the work.

Feel free to enlist members of -legal if you need help in
communicating with upstream.

Don Armstrong

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