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Re: GPL on rendered images

Brian Thomas Sniffen said:
> Joe Moore <joemoore@iegrec.org> writes:
>> The preferred form for the Original work is Pascal.  The preferred
>> form for the new (combined/derived) work is C.  I think you would need
>> to distribute both to comply with the GPL.
> No.  You do not need to distribute source for the original work, only
> for your modified work.  If you needed to distribute source for the
> original, then many elisp files would need to include the entire
> source for Emacs!

No, the portions of the Original Work that are contained/embodied in the
elisp files must be distributed in the Preferred Form.

There's no GPL requirement that you distribute the whole Original Work,
but you have no other license to distribute a part of the Original Work in
non-source form.

> Also, the Linux kernel would be carrying around source for every
> previous version in each source tarball.

No, since the portions of 2.6.9 that are from 2.6.8 are still in 2.6.8's
Preferred Form.  So by distributing 2.6.9 in C, you're still distributing
the relevant 2.6.8 bits in C.


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