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Re: MPlayer DFSG compatibility status

Le mer 08/10/2003 à 10:35, Edmund GRIMLEY EVANS a écrit :
> > If we don't want to include this support, this is not your problem. E.g.
> > xine in Debian has WMV9 support stripped off, and there would be no
> > reason for mplayer to include it if there are legal issues with it.
> Should this perhaps be mentioned in the package description?
> In http://packages.debian.org/unstable/graphics/xine-ui.html there is
> no mention of WMV, but there is a link to http://xine.sf.net/ for a
> more complete list of supported audio/video formats, and
> http://xine.sf.net/ says that xine decodes WMV.

It does decode WMV8.
As Gabucino mentioned, it can also decode WMV9 using the win32 DLL's,
but distributing them is presumably illegal, so this is only a solution
for those who have a copy of some Windows version on their computer.
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