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Re: MPlayer DFSG compatibility status

Don Armstrong wrote:
> The most recent discussion is at
> http://lists.debian.org/debian-devel/2003/debian-devel-200307/msg01633.html
Thanks, I've read all the related threads. It occurs to me that there were
three issues brought up:

 - marking the changes made on imported libraries. This would currently
   include: libfaad2, libmpflac, libmpdvdkit2, libmpeg2. Let me clarify the

    a, libfaad2 was commited to CVS because enermous amount of users wasn't
       able to either install libfaad and libfaad-dev, or read the
       MPlayer documentation about where to download libfaad sources.
       Effect: we received too much mails complaining about "I can't hear
       anything in the new Matrix trailer" etc.
       The decision was made to include libfaad2.

       Of course, MPlayer can be easily compiled with external libfaad
       dependency, and the internal one can be wiped out with a simple
       "rm -rf libfaad2".
       Probably this is how it should be in Debian - thus this is not
       an issue.

    b, libmpflac has been introduced recently, because of the original
       library's idiotic libsndfile dependency. MPlayer is totally compilable
       without this, again, it's just an "rm -rf".

       Probably this is how it should be in Debian - thus this is not
       an issue.

    c, libmpdvdkit2 is included so we have more area to make changes instead
       of sending patches back to its authors. MPlayer can be compiled with
       external libdvdread (and _optionally_ libdvdcss), just again: "rm -rf

       Probably this is how it should be in Debian - thus this is not
       an issue.

    d, libmpeg2 is - of course - mandatory in MPlayer. It is developed by
       Michael "Walken" LESPINASSE, who we were always working closely with. 
       We - the core developers - do not intend to waste time searching for
       modification dates and such (nor do we know what exactly you wish for),
       but if Andrea is willing to do this research, we'll most likely accept
       the patch. If any questions arise while this "research" goes on, I'll
       try to get answers to them.

 - another concern was the usage of statically linked libdvdcss. I've answered
   this above (it's deletable).

 - Sam Hocevar raised a concern about libavcodec. I do not intend to answer
   this, since xine was allowed into Debian with a full, included libavcodec.

By the way, MPlayer also contains a LICENSE file, which - AFAIK - negliges the
neccessity of GPL header inclusion in each of the source files.

Any more concerns?

MPlayer Core Team

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