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Re: MPlayer DFSG compatibility status

Glenn Maynard wrote:
> Sorry, that doesn't work.  If the library has problems, it has problems
> regardless of whether it was previously allowed into the archive or not.
Yes, someone here told you'd (all) be looking into xine's libavcodec issues.
More than a half year has passed, and nothing happened. So I continue to
disregard this matter.

> Xine's copy of libavcodec appears to include MPEG-2 video and MPEG-1 Layer 3
> audio encoding.  That may be moot if the code is never actually used, but
> encoders are explicitly enabled by -DCONFIG_ENCODERS, so this may not be
> the case.  (It's probably a good idea to disable those anyway, though.)
Huh? Why does xine use -DCONFIG_ENCODERS ? It can't even encode.
And if you don't ship mencoder (that we can live with), you'll also don't
have to define that.

So this matter is (yet again) no problem.

> Oops.  Looks like Xine has ASF support elsewhere, which is a problem.
So? Is it going to be removed? If no, I continue to fail to see this as a

> don't have an X machine to test whether this is really enabled in the package
> or disabled in some place I'm not noticing; I'd appreciate it if someone
> would check this.
There is an aaxine version of xine.

> and VirtualDub had ASF issues.
We won't agree to remove ASF support. It would be a most serious crippling.

MPlayer Core Team

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