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Re: MPlayer DFSG compatibility status

Glenn Maynard wrote:
> > Huh? Why does xine use -DCONFIG_ENCODERS ? It can't even encode.
> Don't ask me, ask the maintainers of Xine.
I'd rather ask the .deb packager(s), because that is our current subject.

> > > Oops.  Looks like Xine has ASF support elsewhere, which is a problem.
> > So? Is it going to be removed? If no, I continue to fail to see this as a
> > showstopper.
> Wow.  You're certainly impatient.  Here's a clue: we've just begun discussing
> this.  Legal issues are not typically resolved in a day.
This is nearly the exact wording that I received a year (?) ago.

> > There is an aaxine version of xine.
> Okay, I can confirm that Debian's Xine has ASF installed.

> > > and VirtualDub had ASF issues.
> > We won't agree to remove ASF support. It would be a most serious crippling.
> Which features will be disabled to permit safe distribution in Debian is
> ultimately not your decision.
That is true. But one thing is certain.

We don't want to receive the endless flow of mails asking about why the
newest, apt-get'ed MPlayer doesn't play ASF/WMV files (a very significant
part of the streaming media on the Internet).

SuSE tried this road, and failed. They've removed their over-crippled MPlayer
package 2 weeks ago.

> This attitude ("forget the legal issues, we need this feature!") is precisely
> why Debian is so hesitant to go near mplayer.
Debian actually forgets the legal issues in the case of xine (please don't
argue, a year has passed since this argument of mine was raised first, and no
effect to this very day), so *please* don't come with this line.

I try my best to avoid another flamewar, but I need cooperation on your side.

MPlayer Core Team

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