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Re: various opinions on Debian vs the GFDL

On Fri, 2003-05-02 at 16:48, Anthony Towns wrote:
> No, you wouldn't. There seem to me to be plenty of ways to have an XML
> format for music that would be plausibly editable. Think scores and things.

Works great for some types of music, but other types is routinely put
through a lot of filters, both digital and analogue, that won't work to
well with that form. Or is created with artificial sounds.

> > I don't think it could be
> > considered straitforward to revise that with a text editor. 
> - <note timbre="trumpet">C#</note>
> + <note timbre="trumpet">D</note>

Yes, now, where is the source to this trumpet timbre? You may argue,
"but it's a TRUMPET!", but there are a lot of weird sounds used in music
that have a similar issue.

And, btw, note how differently two different violinists can render a

> Seems pretty straightforward to me.

Maybe, if all the world were a single MIDI synthasizer.

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>         you are now certified as a Red Hat Certified Engineer!''

  /me suspects that scribbled over the whole test were the words
  "debootstrap woody /mnt"

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