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Re: Yet another bunch of licences

    These are really important projects that claim to be free in the sense
    of freedom.  But I'd like to know, what Free Software Foundation and
    readers of debian-legal think about those licences. So, please, evaluate
    those licences carefully

The Creative Commons licenses are not supposed to be used for software.
Doesn't the Creative Commons site say so?  It ought to.


    Helix DNA is multi-licenced software project. One of those licences is
    meant to be compatible with Open Source Definition.

The draft I saw was not a free software license.  I don't know if they
have changed it.  If you send me a copy I will take a look.

    This question still remains: Can I listen and watch to RealAudio- and
    RealVideo-files with completely free software, if I install only
    RPSL-licenced software from Helix DNA?

I am pretty sure you cannot--this license is used only for a part of the
software.  The rest remains proprietary.

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