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Yet another bunch of licences

These are really important projects that claim to be free in the sense
of freedom.  But I'd like to know, what Free Software Foundation and
readers of debian-legal think about those licences. So, please, evaluate
those licences carefully

And I hope, that then FSF can make some statements about those licences
in this WWW-page:


 * * *


This is a bunch of licences. It is possible to choose one after
answering some questions in WWW-forms:


Complete list of licences is here:


It is very easy to say, that at least some of those licences are not
compatible with Debian Free Software Guidelines and Open Source
Definition: All NoDerivs- and NonCommercial-licenses.

What is left after ignoring them, are these two licences:




So, concentrate on them, first.

 * * *


Helix DNA is multi-licenced software project. One of those licences is
meant to be compatible with Open Source Definition.


Open Source Initiative has already accepted it:


This question still remains: Can I listen and watch to RealAudio- and
RealVideo-files with completely free software, if I install only
RPSL-licenced software from Helix DNA?

BTW who want to create Debian-package of Helix DNA?

Juhapekka "naula" Tolvanen * University of Jyväskylä * juhtolv@st.jyu.fi
http://www.cc.jyu.fi/~juhtolv/index.html * * "STRAIGHT BUT NOT NARROW!!"
"Yksin talon pimeydessä istuu valtaistuimellaan lapsi silmin
lasittunein. Itkee sähkön valtamereen."                              CMX

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