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Re: [Discussioni] OSD && DFSG convergence

I'm on the mailing list, there's no need to CC me.

John Goerzen writes:
 > And yet every proposal you put forth is "Debian must become more like OSI
 > and the DFSG must become more like OSD."

... and the OSD must become more like the DFSG, and proposed open
source licenses should be run past debian-legal.  I'm not proposing
unilateral action on anybody's part.  I'm prepared to compromise (or
rather, to recommend compromise to my board of directors).  Are you?

 > I for one am glad that RPSL-licensed software is not in Debian, and

Why?  The sole objections that I can see from debian-legal archives
refer to text which has been changed in the final OSI-approved license.

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