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Re: [Discussioni] OSD && DFSG convergence

Lo'oRiS il Kabukimono writes:
 > Russell@firenze.linux.it, "Nelson <nelson"@crynwr.com :
 > > and yet the DFSG does not admit the possibility of public-domain
 > > unlicensed software.
 > strange, because the game Abuse is public domain and is part of Debian...

I've no doubt.  Still, where in the DFSG does it say that you can have 
unlicensed software (even if it's public-domain) in Debian?

I'm not trying to be obstreperous, or cause trouble.  I'm trying to
point out that you're applying the DFSG in an arbitrary manner.  We
can't do that at OSI, so we need the OSD to cover these cases.  If
there is to be one document describing free and open software, it has
to cover those cases.

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