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Re: [Discussioni] OSD && DFSG convergence

Mark Rafn writes:
 > I _DO_ object to changing it's use to be a binding definition
 > rather than a set of guidelines.

This seems to be a sticking point with a lot of people.  Essentially,
everyone seems to be defending their right to arbitrarily exclude
software from Debian.  But that is a right you don't have.  If you
think that you have arbitrarily excluded software, think back on why
you have been successful in doing so.  Undoubtedly you pointed to the
DFSG or to case law, or else you made a new precedent.  But when you
make a new precedent, you have to say exactly why, and justify it.
Well... what is wrong with amending the DFSG so it incorporates the
case law?  Because it's hard?  Shit, coding is *hard* and we do it
anyway.  Because you think people will reject the change?  But the
change has already taken effect operationally.  It seems to me rather
that the membership would *want* to change the DFSG, if only so as to
keep the subset of Debian which is debian-legal in check.

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