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Re: Bluetooth manager for connecting to Android


I'm on the road now and only occasionally online.

> FYI, gphotofs and gthumb, tools that depend on gphoto2, work very well
> for a cable connection with Android phones, at least for photos.

But it definitely has to work for video and music files too, and i doubt gphoto will deal with them ...

> You can also use the Internet, i.e. WiFi in a local network, by using
> FTP from the phone.

That's indeed a good idea. There should be some easy graphical ftp clients too (if not just their familiar file browser).

I guess rsync exchange should be possible too. Well it would depend on usability for kids.

btw. isn't there a possibility to establish an ad hoc WiFi connection ?

> to use for your kids, I don't know but my experience is that kids often
> know more than I do...

Yes they're fast learning but the same time, are totally lazy :) well maybe it's also a question of gender, but i certainly don't want to stumble into prejudice flame wars here :)

> > they don't even have this kind of equipment, and never seen it, using
> How do they charge their phones?  Most phones use micro USB for charging
> and the same cable that goes to the power plug can connect to the
> computer...

I know, but they don't have that kind of charger. Only cheap 'one way' chargers with only one USB (micro) plug.

Anyway, with cable, he one thing that would work is if the Androids' external SD card appears as storage in the laptop file browser. Anything else would be too complicated...or at least, unpopular. But i could not get the connection working on my own Android, so ...

But anyway, i wonder if i shouldn't start a new thread since the original bluetooth question is solved now? 

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