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Re: Bluetooth manager for connecting to Android

On 9/7/15, Michael <codejodler@gmx.ch> wrote:
> Like, download photos from the phone to the computer, upload music files to
> the smartphone. One Linux bluetooth manager for all kind of files,  talking
> to the android bluetooth manager. Is that possible ?

I just tried "apt-cache search bluetooth manager" (via terminal) and
received "blueman" as one of the very few results that came back. May
just be I didn't enter the right keywords but didn't find anything
similar for "android". All that might mean is that I didn't recognize
the right catch words in the search results of several searches.

Since I'll be playing a little more with Bluetooth and other device
interactivity myself soon, I attempted an install. It's some 17.5 MB
in size including dependencies it needs to bring along with. That's
LARGE in comparison to most things I contemplate installing on a very
basic debootstrap'ed Debian. Will be interesting to see what it offers
while using all that weight. :)

Hope that helps at least a little.. :)

PS Re the kid friendly part, I have ongoing cognitive/comprehension
issues so I'll be looking for exactly the same for myself. A good
keyword that's grown in popularity for discussing that topic is...
#usability. :)


Cindy-Sue Causey
Talking Rock, Pickens County, Georgia, USA

* runs with plastic sporks *

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