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Re: Bluetooth manager for connecting to Android


Many thanks !

Just for the records, i first tired 'blueberry' but it diint work ... esepcially when downloadig files from the smartphone, it disconnects immediately.

So i tried your suggestion blueman (which also pulls in the 'bluez' backend stuff) and yes, it works. But somehow it's icky at least in XFCE  ... it does not appear in the systray (although i enabled the bluetooth daemon via systemctl and rebooted), is slow in connecting, and clutters the screen with send file messages for every single file, which is ugly when sending 100 files at once. Half of the preferences items are no accessible, without any explanation, and there anyway didn't seem to be any explanations (like desktop notify messages) about anything that failed. 
My feeling is, the whole thing would appear rather unappealing, and complicated, to the kids in question.
Well, but it works.

I realize it's tedious to select many (like in 50 or 100) files via small screen touchpad, no matter if android gallery of file manager. I wonder if there is a way to access just the android (sdcard) file system from the laptop via bluetooth. Just like a Windows or NFS share. So i could use a comfortable laptop file manager, or at least it's large screen and mouse.

Anybody knows ?

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