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Re: Bluetooth manager for connecting to Android

On Monday,  7 Sep 2015 at 16:28, Michael wrote:
> but they wont use a cable connection, which, anyway, did not work on
> linux for me so far.

FYI, gphotofs and gthumb, tools that depend on gphoto2, work very well
for a cable connection with Android phones, at least for photos.

> But i won't try to solve this problem because
> todays kids really refuse to use cables and plugs anyway.  Actually

You can also use the Internet, i.e. WiFi in a local network, by using
FTP from the phone.  AndFTP is a good app.  Whether it is "easy" enough
to use for your kids, I don't know but my experience is that kids often
know more than I do...

On the computer, you would need to install openssh-server and maybe

> they don't even have this kind of equipment, and never seen it, using

How do they charge their phones?  Most phones use micro USB for charging
and the same cable that goes to the power plug can connect to the

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