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Re: OT: Debian BSD port / systemd incompatibilities


On 12/19/14 11:06, Michael wrote:
>> so the argument, that they "rejected to care for other kernels" is
>> simple invalid. if there are some developers who care, nobody will stop
>> them in getting the bsd port in shape for release.
> Please have mercy when i'm not really into the exact tech specs, and i'm not a developer either. 
> But to my understanding, systemd explicitly requires kernel cgroups which are not implemented in other kernels types (BSD, Hurd). 
> So how do you expect to get the BSD port 'in shape' ?

to end this here from my side, as often repeated, systemd is the
default, not the only one.

so there are many options

- get the bsd kernel cgroups support
- add some layer to simulate cgroups support
- use upstart
- use openrc
- use sysv

but as often with trolls, we are talking a about a system i assume, you
never even tested (debian/bsd), and you are not working on it.

So you spread fear to problems you don't have, you don't understand, and
you don't work on them.

Florian Reitmeir
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