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Re: No halt/poweroff on an EliteBook 840 G1 after upgrade


for openbsd like other architectures .. e.g. GNU/HURD, M68, PowerPC
there were simply not enough developers and users.

if the openbsd-debian people perform and get their port in order, there
is no problem in releasing the next time.

systemd is a big step for debian, but its not the cause for everything.


On 12/18/14 21:22, Michael wrote:
> i did not mean it literally. I meant that systemd upstream rejected to care for any other kernel, than Linux, and that was the result. I can dig up the respective mails if you require me too, but it will be some work since i did not bookmark them (and i have no browser history).
> But, if you know the true story, then i'm not offend if you correct me.

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