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Re: No halt/poweroff on an EliteBook 840 G1 after upgrade

On 12/19/14 08:02, Rainer H. Rauschenberg wrote:
> On Thu, 18 Dec 2014, Florian Reitmeir wrote:
>> On 12/18/14 21:22, Michael wrote:
>>> i did not mean it literally. I meant that systemd upstream rejected to 
>>> care for any other kernel, than Linux, and that was the result. I can 
>>> dig up the respective mails if you require me too, but it will be some 
>>> work since i did not bookmark them (and i have no browser history).
>> for openbsd like other architectures .. e.g. GNU/HURD, M68, PowerPC
>> there were simply not enough developers and users.
>> if the openbsd-debian people perform and get their port in order, there
>> is no problem in releasing the next time.
> This is what he said: rejected to care for other kernels.

no, thats so wrong.

debian is do-o-cratic, which means if you care about something you can
do it your self. there are no developers which wait to be assigend to a
project, and there is no way to force a developer to work on a project.
thats free software.

so the argument, that they "rejected to care for other kernels" is
simple invalid. if there are some developers who care, nobody will stop
them in getting the bsd port in shape for release.

the release team just decided, not to wait for them. its the same for
many packages too, which will not be released because of rc bugs.

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