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Re: No halt/poweroff on an EliteBook 840 G1 after upgrade

Michael <michael.wordehoff@posteo.de> writes:

> Edit /etc/default/halt and change the value as Eddy writes.
> Yes, systemd is probably the cause, it replaced pm acpi by its own
> terminology, disregarding the legacy convention.

Yes, systemd will happily break existing ACPI PM setups without any

The systemd point of view is that any breakage is caused by other
packages failing to detect that systemd is installed.  Their
interpretation of "not breaking unrelated software" is that any software
they break should detect that systemd is present and disable itself.

This systemd breakage is intentional, and any errors you experience is
entirely acpi-support's fault if you have configured it in such a way
that the disabling logic fails.

See https://bugs.debian.org/768025

> if nothing else helps, replace systemd with systemd-shim emulation
> (maybe also switching back to sysvinit).

This won't help.  systemd-shim needs systemd to provide
e.g. systemd-logind and that's where the breakage is.  You can disable
the systemd interference in this case by setting


in /etc/systemd/logind.conf

BTW, I have given up reporting systemd bugs.  What's the point?  The
Debian maintainers have inherited the upstream point-of-view: "If
something broke when you installed systemd, then that is someone else's
fault for not adapting properly to systemd". And "broken by design is a


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