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OT: Debian BSD port / systemd incompatibilities


> so the argument, that they "rejected to care for other kernels" is
> simple invalid. if there are some developers who care, nobody will stop
> them in getting the bsd port in shape for release.

Please have mercy when i'm not really into the exact tech specs, and i'm not a developer either. 

But to my understanding, systemd explicitly requires kernel cgroups which are not implemented in other kernels types (BSD, Hurd). 
So how do you expect to get the BSD port 'in shape' ?

I found a link, not the one i was reading, but anyway:

"systemd is Linux-only. That means if we still care for those non-Linux platforms replacements have to be written."

I've seen this kind of statement more often, from that person, and he's quite clearly the inofficial leader.

That was May 2011. Since then, systemd expanded like a fungus into amazingly more essential subsystems. It's really becoming kind of a OS layer. Do you really expect BSD staff to 'rewrite' pretty much the whole thing ? In my view, the lack of these resources were clear from the beginning, and it was also clear tha abandoning compatibility will deeply separate those sister archs from the GNU/Linux mainstream.

In the same post of 2011 Poettering already suggests tie systemd to Gnome, which in turn impacts the decision of many distros to accept the switch to systemd even if they did not like it. KDE now have no choice but to follow. If that course is continued (and it definitely will, as Poettering supports the Gnome OS thing) then some day soon BSD and other archs will not have that kind of desktop anymore.

Well, ok, they could try fix their kernel. I don't know if this works out though.
> the release team just decided, not to wait for them.

I wonder if there will be nothing to wait for, anymore.


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