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Only wireless, no eth0

Hello all,

I've returned to the fold from Ubuntu, and installed Lenny yesterday,
followed by an immediate upgrade to Squeeze.

Everything works great, except I'm connected via wireless, not the
ethernet.  I've only just noticed this(!) when I accidentally clicked
on the icon in the system tray (I'm using Gnome), where I was informed
that 'Wired Network' is 'device not managed'.

Unplugged my ethernet cable, and yup, sure enough, I'm still connected
to the net.  What puzzles me is that at no time was I quizzed for the
modem's password...

Anyway, this is the first laptop I've ever owned (Compaq Presario
CQ70), so have no idea how to get it stop connecting via wireless and
to eth0 - I've had a quick dig around to see if I could see anything,
but to no avail.



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