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Re: Only wireless, no eth0

Harvey Kelly wrote:
> I've returned to the fold from Ubuntu, and installed Lenny yesterday,
> followed by an immediate upgrade to Squeeze.
> Everything works great, except I'm connected via wireless, not the
> ethernet.  I've only just noticed this(!) when I accidentally clicked
> on the icon in the system tray (I'm using Gnome), where I was informed
> that 'Wired Network' is 'device not managed'.

Strange.  Usually people have the reverse problem!  :-)

What are the contents of your /etc/network/interfaces file?  If it has
any entries at all for eth0 then network-manager won't touch it.  By
entries I mean "auto eth0", "allow-hotplug eth0", "iface eth0 ..." and
so forth.  See /usr/share/doc/network-manager/README.Debian for more
details.  If your eth0 isn't being managed by network-manager then I
presume that you have an entry for eth0 installed there.

> Unplugged my ethernet cable, and yup, sure enough, I'm still connected
> to the net.  What puzzles me is that at no time was I quizzed for the
> modem's password...

If you really didn't give it a passphrase for wifi encryption then you
must be connecting to an open access point.  Hover over the nm-applet
icon and see what tool-tip is displayed.  It will tell you what
network you are connected to and if wifi the signal strength.  Left
click on the nm-applet icon and it will pop up a pull down menu of
known access points.  The one you are connected to will be selected.
Between the name and the signal strength bar will be an icon if the
access point is secured with encryption.  If it is open there won't be
an icon there.

> Anyway, this is the first laptop I've ever owned (Compaq Presario
> CQ70), so have no idea how to get it stop connecting via wireless and
> to eth0 - I've had a quick dig around to see if I could see anything,
> but to no avail.

By default network-manager will prefer a wired connection.  If you
plug in a wire it will notice the link status change and automatically
drop the wifi connection and connect to the wired network.  For
testing you can right-click on the nm-applet and disable wireless
entirely.  That will prevent it from connecting to wireless!  Then you
can debug your wired connection issues in isolation.  In the
right-click menu is an "Edit Wireless Networks".  You can delete
unwanted wifi connections and other actions.

Disclaimer: I am not updated with the latest Squeeze.  This certainly
applies to Lenny.  I may have stale information concerning Squeeze and
Sid if something has changed there.

Use of network-manager is a love-hate relationship with many of us.
Sometimes a lot more hate than love there. :-)


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