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Re: Only wireless, no eth0

Harvey Kelly schrieb:
> Hello all,
> I've returned to the fold from Ubuntu, and installed Lenny yesterday,
> followed by an immediate upgrade to Squeeze.
> Everything works great, except I'm connected via wireless, not the
> ethernet.  I've only just noticed this(!) when I accidentally clicked
> on the icon in the system tray (I'm using Gnome), where I was informed
> that 'Wired Network' is 'device not managed'.
> Unplugged my ethernet cable, and yup, sure enough, I'm still connected
> to the net.  What puzzles me is that at no time was I quizzed for the
> modem's password...

Hallo Harvey,

if not something else is wrong with your installation or even 
hardware, you should try some other ways:

1. Kick the Network-Manager from your disk and intall WICD 
instead. Try, if it will work. Using WICD allone for controlling 
both your network-interfaces, your "/etc/network/interfaces" 
should be freed of all entries except the loopack entry. You can 
configure wlan and eth0 with a right click on the symbol. Make 
sure wicd has an autostart entry.

Additionally or alternatively you can try the way with "ifplugd". 
Install it and edit  "/etc/default/ifplugd" in that way that it 
will controll the eth0 IF. You have to edit the 
"/etc/network/interfaces" also and make an entry for eth0 just as 
you already have, with stanzas like

        iface  eth0  inet  dhcp"

Be sure that ifplugd has an autostart entry in the /etc/init.d. 
If you remove the "-B" argument in "/etc/default/ifplugd" in the 
"ARGS=" section, you should hear a beep each time ifplugd has 
configured or deconfigured your eth0 IF. This should happen every 
time you switch your LAN cable on or off your laptop. Doing this 
you haven't to bother about your eth0 IF configuration any longer, 
ifplugd should manage it.

To manage WLAN with ifplugd will, at least in my experience, work 
only comfortably if you have an WLAN USB-stick which could be 
hotplugged.  If using the switch on the laptop it won't work by 
me in the same way as it does with the eth0 IF. So I had to make 
an entry for wlan in my "/etc/network/interfaces" too and use it 
in the manual start-mode. I edit a 
"/etc/wpa_supplicant/wpa_supplicant.conf" too, using the 
"MANAGED" mode and if i want to turn it on I use a "ifup wlan0" 
or a "wicd wlan0" - command as 'root' and it will start. My 
"/etc/network/interfaces" has an entry for wlan like this.

#Wlan - Interface
iface wlan0 inet dhcp
   wpa-conf /etc/wpa_supplicant/wpa-psk-tkip.conf

See and look if the one or other way will work, If not, there must be something else wrong.

Greetings Dirk

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