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Linux laptop Suspend / Hibernation development

Thanks Stefan for your reply. 

To answer my own question, here is what I discovered about suspend / 
hibernation evolvement in Linux laptop world. 

- the traditional tools are uswsusp + hibernate (s2ram/s2disk & hibernate-

- pm-utils is the new suspend and powerstate setting framework. It is 
designed to replace such scripts as those provided by the powersave 
package. [1]

- The latest development is, however, DeviceKit. Both Ubuntu & Fedora are 
moving towards DeviceKit. [2], [3]

1. http://www.archlinux.it/wiki/index.php?title=Pm-utils
2. http://www.ubuntu.com/testing/karmic/alpha6
3. http://ostatic.com/blog/a-peek-at-devicekit-in-fedora-11-and-beyond

So far, Debian seems to be lagging behind such evolvement -- I don't see 
devicekit in Debian repo yet. 


On Mon, 14 Sep 2009 10:13:15 -0400, Stefan Monnier wrote:

>> Anyone know a good web page that covers setting up suspend /
>> hibernation under Debian?
> I usually install uswsusp (which provides s2ram and s2disk), as well as
> `hibernate' which provides a wrapper script around these (which knows to
> unload some conflicting modules and things like that

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