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Re: Suspend / Hibernation

2009/9/11 T o n g <mlist4suntong@yahoo.com>:
> Hi,
> The Suspend / Hibernation feature works out of box in Unbunto on my Acer
> Aspire (AS5536), but I want my Debian (debootstrap based) works the same
> as well. How should I do that? I meant, there seems so many packages/
> tools able to do that, which are the recommend combinations?
> I've done some extensive search but this is the only Debian-based writing
> that I found, which makes use of s2ram:
> Put your Debian Lenny laptop to Sleep
> http://www.debiantutorials.org/put-lenny-to-sleep-debian-gnulinux-
> lenny-308
> Please help me to the correct direction.


On my acer i just right click on the battery / ac power icon in the
tray and select suspend to ram|disc. I'm not on it atm so i can't tell
you the package that provides this function. Do you have the laptop
task installed?



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