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Re: Suspend / Hibernation

> my Debian is debootstrap based, ie, only the packages that I hand picked 
> are installed. I'd like to know the recommend package combinations
> that provide the function, and better not desktop specific, because I
> normally don't use any desktops but a simple window manager (fluxbox). 

> Anyone know a good web page that covers setting up suspend / hibernation 
> under Debian?

I usually install uswsusp (which provides s2ram and s2disk), as well as
`hibernate' which provides a wrapper script around these (which knows to
unload some conflicting modules and things like that and can be
configured to unmount some filesystems and take down specific network
interfaces and daemons, if you so wish).  Then I use the commands
`hibernate' and `hibernate-ram'.

IIUC, to bind the commands to your laptop's keys, you'll want to run
something like gnome-power-manager, or to use `acpid' and write a little
script in /etc/acpid/... (this latter option has the advantage of also
working when you're not logged in, of course).


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