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Re: Linksys wireless USB stick

Arthur Barlow(arthurbarlow@earthlink.net) is reported to have said:
> On Sep 1, 2007, at 5:45 PM, Wayne Topa wrote:
>> Arthur Barlow(arthurbarlow@earthlink.net) is reported to have said:
>>> I am running Lenny on a Dell Latitude laptop.   The kernel version is
>>> 2.6.21.  I've been trying to get this wireless stick to work for awhile,
>>> but so far no luck, although slight progress has been made.  I determined
>>> that the chip set was Ralink and I downloaded the Linux drivers, (RT73),
>>> and compiled them.  I can now get the laptop to recognize the stick if I 
>>> do
>>> the following: ifconfig rausb0 inet up.  If I do iwconfig rausb0 it
>>> recognizes that the stick is there.
>>> But, now what?  How do I get the stick to log on via DHCP to my router?
>>> Also if I try to run a command like: iwconfig rausb0 essid linksys, it
>>> accepts the command but still says that the essid is set to "off/any."
>>> Thanks for any help in advance.
>> "this wireless stick" is not very informative, to me anyway.
>> Have you tried to find if that "wireless stick" even works on linux yet?
>> google for "Manufacturer +model # of 'this wireless stick' +linux".  You 
>> should
>> know more then this message will get you.

> The "stick" is the Linksys compact Wireless-G USB adapter, model WUSB54GC.  
> It does apparently work with Linux.

OK, Good.  I am 'assuming' that when you say you 'downloaded' the
module that you did that from the serialmonkey site.  There is a
another way to do that, the debian way.

apt-chche search rt2  (These are from the lenny dist)
rt2400 - configuration tool for wireless RT2400 network cards
rt2400-source - RT2400 wireless network drivers source
rt2500 - configuration tool for wireless RT2500 network cards
rt2500-source - RT2500 wireless network drivers source
rt2570-source - RT2570 wireless network drivers source
rt2x00-modules-2.6.18-4-k7 - RT2x00 wireless network drivers
rt2570-modules-2.6.18 - RT2570 wireless network drivers
rt2x00-source - RT2x00 wireless network drivers source

I gave up on my Ralink dongle but I seem to recall that you also had
to download firmware for it.


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