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Re: Linksys wireless USB stick

Arthur Barlow(arthurbarlow@earthlink.net) is reported to have said:
> I am running Lenny on a Dell Latitude laptop.   The kernel version is 
> 2.6.21.  I've been trying to get this wireless stick to work for awhile, 
> but so far no luck, although slight progress has been made.  I determined 
> that the chip set was Ralink and I downloaded the Linux drivers, (RT73), 
> and compiled them.  I can now get the laptop to recognize the stick if I do 
> the following: ifconfig rausb0 inet up.  If I do iwconfig rausb0 it 
> recognizes that the stick is there.
> But, now what?  How do I get the stick to log on via DHCP to my router?  
> Also if I try to run a command like: iwconfig rausb0 essid linksys, it 
> accepts the command but still says that the essid is set to "off/any."  
> Thanks for any help in advance.

"this wireless stick" is not very informative, to me anyway.

Have you tried to find if that "wireless stick" even works on linux yet?

google for "Manufacturer +model # of 'this wireless stick' +linux".  You should
know more then this message will get you.


ASCII stupid question, get a stupid ANSI!

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