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Re: Linksys wireless USB stick

On Sunday 02 September 2007 01:46, Arthur Barlow wrote:
> I am running Lenny on a Dell Latitude laptop.   The kernel version is
> 2.6.21.  I've been trying to get this wireless stick to work for
> awhile, but so far no luck, although slight progress has been made.
> I determined that the chip set was Ralink and I downloaded the Linux
> drivers, (RT73), and compiled them.  I can now get the laptop to
> recognize the stick if I do the following: ifconfig rausb0 inet up.
> If I do iwconfig rausb0 it recognizes that the stick is there.
> But, now what?  How do I get the stick to log on via DHCP to my
> router?  Also if I try to run a command like: iwconfig rausb0 essid
> linksys, it accepts the command but still says that the essid is set
> to "off/any."  Thanks for any help in advance.

You can try the following:

Thank you,

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