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Re: Suspend to disk?

Nate Bargmann wrote:
> Easy there, Bob!
> I really have no problem with 2.6.18.  It has been powering my T23
> without issue since December 11, 2006.  The "ancient" remark was to
> head off remarks saying I need to upgrade, especially running Sid.

Okay.  Sorry I went off in the weeds then but at least I tried to have
a defensible reason as to why.  :-)

> In fact, I tried to get things to work with uswsusp and my installed
> kernel, but it specifically says that certain support features for
> the current version of uswsusp appeared in 2.6.20 and later.  So,
> what am I to do?

I am not aware of any uswsusp features from the Etch version of
uswsusp that required the newer kernel but for other reasons it may be
desirable.  Plus you are on Sid already and so are going to be pulled
ever forward because of dependencies.  For anyone running Sid moving
forward is pretty much inevitable.

The tickless-idle feature was added in 2.6.21 that truly allows the
system to idle for a longer time for improved battery life.  Plus to
get powertop fully working to be able to monitor those states a newer
kernel is desirable.  This means that for improved battery life a
newer kernel has advantages over the 2.6.18 in Etch.

Last I checked (2.6.22) the Sid kernel could still be installed onto
Etch without needing anything else from Sid and I did that in order to
get the tickless-idle features.  But on my T42 suspend to ram and
suspend to disk worked okay with the 2.6.18 kernel.  I can't observe
any real change in functionality and actually have not benchmarked the
battery life differences between the two and so can't even confirm
that I actually have any improved battery life.  I definitely need to
do that and have it on my todo list.

> I doubt I can be labeled as an old software hater since I do
> development in a Slackware 10.2 partition of my T23.

Slackware!  Okay, you may pass.  :-)


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