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Re: Suspend to disk?

* Bob Proulx <bob@proulx.com> [2007 Aug 25 04:06 -0500]:

> You might try 'hibernate' then.
>   apt-cache show hibernate

I have s2disk working now as the issue hinged on yaird vs

> That sounds abnormal.  Suspending to the swap partition should not
> have destroyed the swap signature there.  I would try this again
> carefully.  It should work.

Well, it was abnormal, because the kernel had no provision for resuming
a saved to disk session.  Once the initrd was rebuilt by the uswsusp
package the resume works properly and once resumed, the swap partition
works normally.  I suppose it is necessary to overwrite the normal swap
signature on suspend to disk so that when the kernel starts and trys to
add the swap, it then notices there is a saved image and proceeds to
load it and restore the system to the former state.

> That "ancient" Linux 2.6.18 kernel is much newer than your ThinkPad
> model T23.  I wouldn't throw stones at it.

Wouldn't throw stones at what?  The 2.6.18 kernel?  Not the T23 as it
is quite a cpable machine and physically more robust than my older 390e
which now serves in stationary duty due to two broken hinges.  Yeah,
I'd love to get a T42, but can't jusrify that so long as the T23 serves
me well.  I still use dialup and the T23's Lucent modem is better
supported than the one in the T42 which required buying a non-free
package to operate a full speed.  Perhaps when the time comes I'll
leapfrog to a T60 as it appears to be fairly well supported.

- Nate >>

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