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Re: file recovery - urgent

On Mon, Feb 12, 2007 at 12:46:15AM +0100, Micha wrote:
> > http://www.linux-live.org/ for recue CD/USB as small as ~40MB.
> Needs a working environment (remember i can't boot the laptop again,

sorry, wrong link (though slax is really cool); all sort of livecd are 
listed (also) here:


> I found this entry in an archive dated 2004-10-14, with a link to a 
> mail of Andreas dating Jan 07, 2003. I'm praying it's outdated !

hm, no ext3 still works that way, afaikt.

> I am just discovering http://www.sleuthkit.org/sleuthkit/tools.php:

that can help, perhaps you can crop up a suitable 'command' for magicrescue
using those tools.
> > > on my PC,  backup is no problem at all.  
> > > Hmpf... what a statement, right now :|
> > 
> > lol ... we all wake up when we get kicked in the ... ;)
> exactly.

well, your data are still there, only messed a bit ... don't know how long
it'll take you to recover them, or whether they're worth the big effort at 
all, but if you're going for it I think that it'll deserve a stanza in the 
ext3-HOWTO/FAQ! - hope you'll want to write up about your findings :) .


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