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Re: file recovery - urgent

Florian Hinzmann <f.hinzmann@hamburg.de>:
> Knoppix makes this possible with its writable layered filesystem.

That's a great hint (i already asked myself that question) it means
it's worth to download the Knoppix DVD to have just a working 
environment where i can install any linux tool any time.
(I think i could create a rmfs from other live cd's too but with
more tweaking needed). Thanks Florian.

Paolo <oopla@users.sf.net>:
> http://jbj.rapanden.dk/magicrescue/

Thank you too! On that site, they point to sleuthkit, in case
the FS is basically not damaged.

> http://www.linux-live.org/ for recue CD/USB as small as ~40MB.
Needs a working environment (remember i can't boot the laptop again,
so no ssh access). They point to bnurning a slax iso, but i can't figure 
out what tools i can use from
and then there's the question if it gets a modern laptop hardware working.

> "Q: How can I recover (undelete) deleted files from my ext3 partition?
> A: Actually, you can't!
> This is what one of the developers, Andreas Dilger, said about it:

I found this entry in an archive dated 2004-10-14, with a link to a 
mail of Andreas dating Jan 07, 2003. I'm praying it's outdated !

I am just discovering http://www.sleuthkit.org/sleuthkit/tools.php:

"These file system tools process the journal that some file systems have. 
The journal records the metadata (and sometimes content) updates that 
are made. This could help recover recently deleted data. Examples of file 
systems with journals include Ext3 and NTFS.
  jcat: Display the contents of a specific journal block.
  jls: List the entries in the file system journal."

It will have to wait til tomorrow, it's late i need a shutdown myself ;)

> > on my PC,  backup is no problem at all.  
> > Hmpf... what a statement, right now :|
> lol ... we all wake up when we get kicked in the ... ;)


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