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Backup solutions and package tags...

Sorry if the "What's a good backup program" question is tiresome... and this isn't quite the best list to ask, but it's the list I follow more than the others, so I think of this one as my "community".

Having written more than my fair share of smbmount/tar/gzip scripts for automated backups, etc.... I'm interested in a more-developed solution.

I've looked at bacula and that is *way* more than what I need.

I'm looking to backup my laptop either to a network drive or an external usb drive. Since it's a laptop, I don't always have the usb drive plugged in or the networked drive might not be on the LAN I'm on at the moment... so I'd either want something that I trigger manually, or something that can sense the presence of the target media and abort the automated backup if need be.

I'd slightly prefer a GUI (like KDar or Areca) for selecting files, but that's not crucial. Also, it doesn't need to be automated so long as I could easily run different backup configs (like "backup -config myfullbackup" or "backup -config mydevelopmentstuff").

Support for incremental backups to existing sets would be nice, but only if the restore tool could look at the entire download set at once.

What is everyone else using to backup their laptops?

An unrelated question: When I was looking through aptitude for backup programs, I noticed that it now shows tags ("admin::backup", "interface::text-mode", etc.). It seems like a fantastic way to search for all of Debian's offerings for a certain task. However, I can't find any mention of how to get aptitude to filter based on these tags, and I also can't find how to get www.debian.org's package search page to let you search based on tags. How are we supposed to use them?

- Joe

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