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Re: Trying Debian?

and non-propriety being the primary ones. (yes, I'm aware of the X.org
issue in ubuntu, but it's a minor compromise I'm willing to make)


Hi, i've already succesfully installed Kubuntu on my laptop (got a bit tired of fedora). Xorg.conf was, indeed, the key: I changed driver from ATI to VESA (which caused some progression, but the screen still remained black in the end), and booted up with the vga=771 parameter (which worked). Now i need still to reinstall xorg, and the ati driver.

The sound actually works now ;-) Now I need to find out how to implement the apic and lapic in my kernel. BTW: None of the distributions had a working pcmcia (or apic or how it's called).

Is there an easy way to 'downgrade' (pardon my french) from KDE to GNOME? Is Xfree still 'in', or is it a thing of the past?

Cheers (and thanks!),

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